Subwoofer/Digital Coaxial Cable


Located in Canterbury, New Zealand, the Acheron River flows from Lake Lyndon south into the Rakaia River for a total of 60km, with tight turns and small deposits of coal found near the river. The Acheron WH-1 Subwoofer Cable shares the same character, with its deep, tight and dark soundstage that immerses listeners in the atmosphere of the soundtrack.

Designed in New Zealand, the creators choose a symmetrically balanced construction consisting of a very-high purity copper core woven from seven separate strands and shielded with copper foil wrapped in silver-plated OFC braided mesh. 

With every connector housing finished in hand-polished solid natural walnut wood on stainless steel and terminated with Pure Red Copper and 24K Gold-Plated connectors, the cable is as much a visual delight as its impressively accurate & tight tonality.

Deep, Controlled, Genuine – prepared to be spellbound.


  • Stainless Steel + Natural Walnut Wood Casing

  • Pure Red Copper + 24K Gold-Plated Connectors

  • Copper Foil + Silver-Plated OFC Braided Shielding

  • 100% Expertly Hand-Terminated and Tested



Cable Type:                 Subwoofer / Digital Coaxial Cable

Metal:                           99.9997% LC-OFC

Metal Diameter:         ø0.35mm x 7 cores

Dielectric:                    Polyethylene Dielectric

Shielding:                    Copper Foil + Silver-Plated OFC Braided

Connectors:                Pure Red Copper + 24K Nickel-Free Gold-Plated

Connector Housing:  Stainless Steel + Solid Natural Walnut Wood

Jacket:                          Metallic Black / Yellow Gold Braided

Outer Diameter:        8 mm

Lengths:                      2M, 3M, 5M

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