Premium Silver Hybrid Analog XLR Cable


Named after the mighty Bowen River in New Zealand, the Bowen range of Premium Interconnect Cables delivers outstandingly smooth, yet powerful sound coupled with stunning looks.  Building upon its predecessor, the Bowen AH-1 Silver Hybrid Analogue XLR Interconnect Cables delivers further sparkle to vocals, precise spatial resolution & greater soundstage through precision Silver-Plating on all its conductors.  


Terminated by In-house developed custom XLR connectors fabricated from 24K Gold-Plated nickel-free Pure Red Copper, internals are filled with blue PBT for lifelong mechanical stability. Spring-loaded push button locks ensure no accidental detachment, whilst the hand-polished, laser-engraved solid Natural Walnut Wood casings gives every cable its distinctive look. 


Featuring a fully Silver-Plated, triple conductor balanced design, with full copper foil & Silver-Plated OFC braided shielding to guard the purity of the analogue signals from all outside interferences, listeners will be astonished by the transparent, detailed yet expansive tonal delivery. 


Sophisticated, Luminous, Boundless - prepare to be captivated.



Cable Type:                 Silver-Plated Triple-Conductor Balanced Design Analogue XLR Interconnect Cable

Metal:                           Silver-Plated 99.9997% LC-OFC

Metal Diameter:         2x ø 0.15mm x 19 cores + ø 0.25mm x 7 cores

Dielectric:                    High Quality Polyethylene Dielectric

Shielding:                    Full Copper Foil + Silver-Plated OFC Braided

Connectors:                Pure Red Copper + 24K Nickel-Free Gold-Plated, PBT Filled

Connector Housing:  Brass + Solid Natural Walnut Wood

Jacket:                          Metallic Brown / Silver-Grey Braided

Outer Diameter:        8.5 mm

Lengths:                      1.0M, 1.5M, 2.0M, 3.0M

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