"RICHARD VAREY auditions some rather special audiophile cables and is surprised at the sound improvement."

Witchdoctor Magazine

"Conducting Signals Like An Orchestra"

Dr Richard J Varey's music and hi-fi experience blog

"These feet are designed to enhance clarity across the frequency spectrum for a superior soundstage and listening experience and improved bass accuracy and sound definition. That’s what they did for my system’s performance."

Witchdoctor Magazine


"Wholeheartedly commitment in producing the best quality products. Great overall performance and texture."

Editor-in-Chief, MY-HIEND.COM

"Arapuni PC-1 power cable delivers a solid and powerful low-frequencies, and the punches go right into to the flesh! In the shouted vocals, the sound penetration is truly amazing. The high-frequency is remarkably detailed, the low-frequency goes deep and impactful, and the vocal positioning is surprisingly accurate."

Super AV Magazine

"The beauty of New Zealand is now strongly felt by listening."


"Arapuni PH-1 makes the female vocals more cohesive, the background guitar revealed a stronger resonance, and the strength and the presence of the guitar plucking and sounding particles are more real and significant! These enhancement makes the overall performance and listening more immersive, better elasticity and flexibility!"

AudioArt Magazine

"I’ve been experimenting with some neat feet, and like what I hear."

Dr Richard J Varey's music and hi-fi experience blog


"Montaudio delivers great workmanship with great affordability."



"It’s a natural, smooth, balanced and easy-listening sound – just like the feel of New Zealand."

U-Audio News

"Arapuni PH-1 makes the sound beautiful and charming, and with richer feelings."



"Montaudio cables use solid wood housing, and are beautifully made."

Music Enjoyer Club


"The terminations on the Chatham SH-1 speaker cables displayed Montaudio’s pursuit of natural materials, with Pure Red Copper plated with 24K Gold ensuring high conductivity & longevity. The termination casing and splitter ring, both made of walnut wood, provides a warm aesthetic whilst playing a role in sound tuning through its unique resonance characteristics. Whether it be design, materials, or its appearance, the Chatham SH-1 is as captivating as the natural wonders of New Zealand."

U-Audio Magazine

"Montaudio cables uses silver-plated materials in the core, with their premium cables even employing silver-plating on the shielding. Connectors were all crafted in-house, with housings made from solid wood, driving home the feeling of “natural”."

AudioArt | PrimeAV

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