"These feet are designed to enhance clarity across the frequency spectrum for a superior soundstage and listening experience and improved bass accuracy and sound definition. That’s what they did for my system’s performance."

Witchdoctor Magazine

"The terminations on the Chatham SH-1 speaker cables displayed Montaudio’s pursuit of natural materials, with Pure Red Copper plated with 24K Gold ensuring high conductivity & longevity. The termination casing and splitter ring, both made of walnut wood, provides a warm aesthetic whilst playing a role in sound tuning through its unique resonance characteristics. Whether it be design, materials, or its appearance, the Chatham SH-1 is as captivating as the natural wonders of New Zealand."

U-Audio Magazine




"I’ve been experimenting with some neat feet, and like what I hear."

Dr Richard J Varey's music and hi-fi experience blog


"Montaudio delivers great workmanship with even greater affordability."



"It’s a natural, smooth, balanced and easy-listening sound – just like the feeling of New Zealand."

U-Audio News


"New Zealand’s Montaudio cables uses solid wood housing, and are beautifully made."

Music Enjoyer Club


"New Zealand’s Montaudio cables uses silver-plated materials in the core, with their premium cables even employing silver-plating on the shielding. Connectors were all crafted in-house, with housings made from solid wood, driving home the feeling of “natural”."

AudioArt | PrimeAV

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