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Pure | Natural | Simple | Elegance


Founded in Auckland, New Zealand, Montaudio was the brainchild of a group of avid audiophiles who were not satisfied with off-the-shelf components and set out to create their own. To reflect the natural beauty of its home country, the product lines take on the names of famous natural landmarks, uniquely imbuing the Kiwi spirit into each and every creation. Through careful application of the very best materials to the expertly hand-crafted finishes, the creators aim to not only delight critical listeners, but to also partake in a visual spectacle any audiophile would proudly display.​


Pure, Natural, Simple, Elegance – magnificence in every creation.

Innovation & Technology

that sets montaudio apart


Vibration Reduction & Impeccable Looks

To further ensure consistent signal delivery, vibrations from the audio equipment and the air are dampened through the use of natural cotton filler and air-tubes. Both are chosen for their excellent dampening qualities, dielectric properties as well as its shape conforming qualities in delivering a uniform outer diameter.


Every Montaudio terminated cable is finished with a direct braid-on jacket rather than an off-the-shelf slip-on jacket to ensure tailor-made fit. Each braided jacket comes with an easy visual identifying system of either platinum-grey strips for cables with silver-plated conductors, gold-yellow strips for cables with copper conductors and metallic-blue strips for cables with Monocrystal silver conductors.



Solid Single-Piece Conductors


To best preserve signal conduction paths, Montaudio have designed & developed in-house premium connectors with solid single-piece conductor. Covering a selection of BFA Banana, Spade, unbalanced RCA and balanced XLR connectors, all connectors share this key design principle. Every design detail was meticulously tested and refined, from bend angles to mould design to ensure exceptional fit and finish. In addition, all main conductors are fabricated from a solid piece of premium Pure Red Copper which are plated with precious metals to guard against oxidation, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Arrowtown CS-1R 4.jpg


Hand-Terminated and Tested by Expert Technicians

Every Montaudio cable is painstakingly hand-terminated and tested by highly skilled technicians to ensure it delivers the designed sound signatures in the hands of the customer. During termination, the cables first undergo a series of meticulous preparation steps, where it is measured, cut, trimmed, excess dielectric removed, adjusted, and then manually secured. The soldering process is done via temperature-controlled soldering equipment, and for terminations that require cold-welding or hand-tightening, the torque-controlled tools are used to ensure that precise and consistent force is applied to the conductors.


Extra effort is made in securing and shielding of fine signal interconnect cable terminations, such as the analogue RCA, XLR, and Digital Coaxial Cables. Electrically neutral sealants are used to fill any air gaps between the conductor and the connector, which are then wrapped in copper foil. This provides long-lasting protection against oxidation & reduces vibration, as well as further shielding against external electromagnetic interferences. The termination process for the Reference Series is of such complexity that it requires up to two working days for completion. Every cable is manually tested, before it is carefully packed and labelled by hand.

Montaudio Workmanship.png
Montaudio Reference.JPG
Montaudio Reference.png

Optimized signal transmission with vibration-reduced cable-conductor termination

Extensive efforts have gone in to optimally preserve the highly engineered conductor crystalline structure. In the Montaudio Reference series, the designers have chosen to depart from the norms of soldering conductors to connectors. Instead, an in-house designed and developed connector is cold-welded to the conductor through an in-house process, which holds the conductor to the connector without the use of solder. This process avoids any use of solder which alters the crystalline structure of the conductor through high temperature, as well as avoiding added impurities in the solder which are both detrimental to the sound signature.


Additionally, the connector is paired with gold-plated screws and custom dampeners which spreads the holding force over a large contact area. This ensures both a secure and uniform contact even as the cables are subjected to equipment vibrations. The net effect is an uplift in clarity and separation worthy of its Reference status.


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6A/169 Harris Road

East Tamaki

Auckland 2013, New Zealand



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Montaudio Reference.png

Secure-yet-dempened connections

The in-house innovative design - The Montaudio Isolation Pod (MPOD), which sits at the corners of each shelf providing a secure-yet-dampened connection to each foot via its stainless-walnut-stainless steel sandwich design. Featuring an extra-deep crater, it is part of the in-house designed Montaudio Secure Fit (MSEC) system where the elegant elongated tapered spike on each feet mates perfectly with MPOD, forming a highly secure connection between the shelves. The MSEC also features a hidden rotating collar within each leg to enable precision height adjustment for each tapered spike, ensuring a perfect balance of fit and aesthetics. 

Montaudio Manuka MR HiFi Rack 2.jpg
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