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Noise Reduction Ground Reference Unit

Inspired by the magnificently placid Lake Wanaka in Otago, New Zealand, the Wanaka Noise Reduction Ground Reference Unit by Montaudio is an audiophile-grade grounding device that provides a pristine reference ground for Hi-Fi digital and analogue audio equipment.

Developed and hand-built in-house, the fully passive Wanaka incorporates a proprietary multistage process of frequency-tuned noise reduction, dissipation, stray signal attraction and recombination to simulate an ideal natural ground. By carefully attracting and discharging any stray high frequency electrical noise on the signal ground, which often arises from environment RF interference and stray magnetic fields, the signal-to-noise ratio for the sound system is optimised, resulting in enhanced depth and clarity of music.


The Wanaka is available in two distinct models – the G1 and the Reference grade GR. The G1 is perfectly suited to the entry and mid-level Hi-Fi audio equipment, whilst the GR with its dedicated Left and Right channel inputs are designed for Reference grade equipment.

The Wanaka G1 begins its noise processing with an audiophile-grade, rhodium-plated binding post for the incoming ground signal. The signal then passes through the in-house hand-built nano Noise Reduction Module (nNRM) developed specifically with nano-sized materials to handle frequency-tuned noise reduction. Finally, the remaining signal is further processed through its three carefully orchestrated stages to dissipate the noise energy. All stages are connected via silver hybrid cables that are cryogenically treated in-house in a state-of-the-art facility.


The Reference grade Wanaka GR ups the ante with a balanced internal structure design. Operating on the same principles as the G1, the GR provides individual binding post but incorporated the more advanced and sophisticated dual nano Noise Reduction Module Plus (nNRM+) for the Left and Right channel inputs, delivering approximately 200% more noise attraction and 400% more dissipation capacity, ensuring the cleanest possible reference ground. Additionally, a final stage of recombination is used to equalise and fine tune the Left and Right channel grounds, with each stage connected via in-house cryogenically treated monocrystalline copper and silver cables.


The Wanaka supports operation in two innovative multi-unit modes with the proprietary W-Link, which is a push switch controlling the grounding or isolation of its feet. When multiple units of the same model are stacked, the W-Link of the top Wanaka unit can be pushed in to connect it to the bottom unit, with the two sharing the same ground. Alternatively, with the W-Link in the ejected position following a further press, the Wanaka operate in isolation mode with no direct shared ground. Special dedicated cables for the Wanaka have been carefully designed to provide a range of connection options to both analogue Hi-Fi audio equipment as well as digital equipment such as network switches, allowing a full range of connectivity options.


The Wanaka noise reduction ground reference unit is the most versatile and effective reference ground system on the market, combining both stray signal attraction as well as dissipation within a single unit. Dressed in signature Montaudio design with premium wood chassis, the Wanaka will look and sound right at home with any treasured HiFi audio system.


Meticulous, Innovative, Sublime – be dazed by its transformative capability.



Wanaka GR

Net Weight: Approx. 11.5kg

Dimensions: 440mm x 325mm x 90mm

2x RCA to BFA 1.5M GR Monocrystal Silver + Monocrystal Copper Ground Cables are Included


Wanaka G1
Net Weight: Approx. 4kg

Dimensions: 220mm x 245mm x 85mm
1x RCA to BFA 1.5M G1 Silver Plated + Non-Plated High Purity Copper Ground Cable is Included

Customised Wanaka GR & G1 Ground Cables are available in the following terminations:

Banana BFA, Spade, RCA, Male-XLR, Female-XLR, BNC, RJ45, USB-A, USB-B. Contact your local distributor/dealers for more information.

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"What I can say is the image is noticeably more impressive – crisper, more forward, more nuanced with differing timbral characters and layers rendered more distinctly, especially drums and bass guitar. Dynamics and detail are enhanced, delivering a more natural sound."

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GR            G1

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