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New Zealand Designed Montaudio Aoraki series headphone stands incorporate the elements of pure, natural, simple elegance, with a balanced and stable design creating a stand that matches your valuable headphone.

Where nature and beauty meets, designed in New Zealand by montaudio.


Headphone Stand


  • Premium solid aluminum construction combined with solid natural wood

  • Balanced and precise weight designed for superb stability

  • XL heights to provide excellent clearance for larger headphones

  • Universal compatibility with all headphones

  • Anti-slip scratch-free padding at base to provide stable and scratch free to table and surfaces

Aoraki M3

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Colour Options: 

  • Gray aluminum alloy with Beech wood

  • Black aluminum alloy with Walnut wood

M3 Specs

Hanger Diameter:        15mm

Hanger Length:          120mm

Full Heights                 288mm

Base Diameter:          135mm

Net Weight:       Approx. 270g

Aoraki M6

M6 Specs

Hanger Width:              20mm

Hanger Length:          120mm

Full Heights                 296mm

Base Diameter:          150mm

Net Weight:       Approx. 400g

Free Montaudio genuine leather cable tie with every AORAKI M6 purchase.

For a limited time only


Where we believe headphone deserved to be display like an art work.

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