Analog RCA Cable


The Bowen River, originating near the snowy peaks of Mt. Grave in northern Fiordland, New Zealand, is fed by many small streams as it picks up speed and volume on its way south, culminating at the hanging valley as it plunges 162m into the head of the Milford Sound, forming the spectacular Lady Bowen Falls.

Inspired by the river’s journey, the creators of the Bowen AC-1 Analogue Interconnect Cable have recreated the same crisp, smooth frequency response reminiscent of the upper Bowen River, whilst maintaining the same spectacularly powerful delivery as the Lady Bowen Falls.

Featuring a triple conductor balanced design, with full copper foil & OFC braided shielding to guard the purity of the analogue signals from all outside interferences, listeners will be astounded by the clean, natural, powerful tonal delivery.

Crisp, Natural, Powerful – prepare to be delighted.


  • Stainless Steel + Natural Walnut Wood Casing

  • Pure Red Copper + 24K Gold-Plated Connectors

  • Copper Foil + OFC Braided Shielding

  • 100% Expertly Hand-Terminated and Tested     


Cable Type:                 Triple-Conductors Balanced Design Analog RCA Interconnect Cable

Metal:                           High Purity 99.9997% LC-OFC

Metal Diameter:         2x ø 0.15mm x 19 cores + ø 0.25mm x 7 cores

Dielectric:                    High Quality Polyethylene Dielectric on Main Conductors

Shielding:                    Full Copper Foil + OFC Braided

Connectors:                Pure Red Copper + 24K Nickel-Free Gold-Plated

Connector Housing:  Stainless Steel + Solid Natural Walnut Wood

Jacket:                          Metallic Brown / Yellow Gold Braided

Outer Diameter:        8 mm

Lengths:                      1.0M, 1.5M, 3.0M

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