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Lake Tekapo is one of the three roughly parallel lakes running north–south along the northern edge of the Mackenzie Basin in the South Island of New Zealand. It covers an area of 83 square kilometres and is at an altitude of 710 metres above sea level.

Lake Tekapo, fed by the powerful Godley River from the Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand, is the first UNESCO Starlight Reserve in the world, dedicated to the control of light pollution so stargazers may awe at the wonders of the night sky.

Inspired by the trailblazing philosophies behind the birth of the Reserve, the creators of Tekapo amplifier left no stones unturned to give audiophiles what matters most – absolute purity and resolution.

From class-leading componentry with noise-minimizing precision layout, to expert assembly and testing


The Tekapo T1 will amaze you with its combinations of stunning detail reproduction, ultra-low noise floor and powerful delivery.

Pure, Clean, Powerful – prepare to be amazed.


montaudio Tekapo T1 headphone amplifier preamplifier
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